Company Profile

PT. Ikan Dorang is an Indonesian based company which manufactures vegetable cooking oil made from coconut and palm. The coconut and palm cooking oil have brand names of Ikan Dorang Spesial and Ikan Dorang Mas respectively.

The process of producing our cooking oil starts with a stringent selection of high quality raw materials from natural resources. These raw materials are processed through series of stages called DegummingDegumming is a treatment to remove gum and other impurities from crude oilBleachingBleaching is necessary to remove undesirable yellow or reddish pigment from crude oilDeodorizationDeodorization is a removal process of undesirable odours and tastes from the oilFractionationFractionation is a separation process of olein (liquid) and stearin (solid) from palm oil by their differences in solubility at certain temperatures (used to further purify palm cooking oil). With the latest production technology and our team of experts, we are here to deliver coconut and palm cooking oil which is of high quality, healthy and delicious, for our valued customers.

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